Threshold Digital Research Labs is a groundbreaking digital visual effects studio. We do digital visual effects for feature films, TV, animation (both 3-D computer generated and 2-D traditional cell look), location-based entertainment, commercials, video games, music videos and private industry.

We have done well over 100 shows in our seven-year history. We are proud of all of them.

Threshold has made a revolutionary technology alliance with the IBM Corporation, giving us unique access to a suite of technology that allows the company to make digital visual effects better, faster and more cost-effectively. We are the world’s only studio to be powered from afar by up to 40,000 remote IBM servers, giving us extraordinary, OnDemand rendering capability (in addition to the many gizmos we have at our world headquarters in Santa Monica, California).  In addition to OnDemand computing, Threshold Digital Research Labs and IBM are developing the most comprehensive Digital Asset Management System specifically designed for visual effects and animation. This means more efficiency and choice for our clients.

We have two goals:

  1. To push creative and technological boundaries in order to produce the absolute best work for our clients.
  2. To be upfront, honest, and straightforward about every job we look at. We are a fixed bid house – if we tell you it costs $10, that’s what it will cost. If we don’t think it a project can be done for the budget we’ll tell you.

Threshold’s clients include Disney, Fox, Dimension, Miramax, Nickelodeon, Paramount, Dreamworks, Discovery, Blackbelt TV, General Motors, Hershey and more.

Click here for a brief list of our credits.

We are the world’s leading maker of location-based entertainment for theme parks, museums, exhibitions, science centers, aquariums, hotels and more.

You know, we just told you we were groundbreaking and revolutionary, and we also just told you we were honest. Often, as we are sure you’ll agree, in Hollywood, typically one of those things isn’t true. We think they are at Threshold, but the best way to find out is to come down to our Santa Monica studios for a tour. We’ll ply you with candy, you can play with the dogs, and if we don’t convince you we are what we say, we’ll feed you to an animator or two.