With the growing demand for photo-real visual effects and animation in the television market, work flow has become a hot topic in Hollywood. Having A-list artists is certainly one key component to making these things happen on time and on budget. However, artists alone no longer insure a successful project. Certainly, having the latest technology, the best tools and the ability to properly manage assets in a timely fashion has become a necessity.

Threshold’s new partnership with IBM gives us these things. Where once facilities had to wait hours to check rendered frames, now it takes just minutes. Threshold is connected directly to IBM’s On Demand Computing Center for virtually unlimited horsepower. Our blade-based rendering system gives our animators an extremely fast turn-around, which gives them more time to explore creatively.

The third component of a successful television production partner is experience, and TDRL has that by the bucket. Threshold is conscious of the damanding schedules of television and believes strongly in offering time and cost efficient techniques to all of our customers, no matter their size. Our job is to quickly get into your head, and paint it on the screen with the most cost effective, artistically satisfying images possible.