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HPE 3PAR Storage solutions offered by HP

Data Virtualization

What is HPE 3PAR Storage?
HPE 3PAR Store Storage is a flash-optimized server system that offers users rapid and automated provisioning solution. It is one of the most used HP storage solutions that use hardware for deduplication and takes use of multi-tenant design. Besides this, HPE is the only storage system that can smartly guarantee data availability. Thus, it is capable of effortlessly modernizing any data center.

As compared to other non-flash alternatives, StoreServ offers around 8-times faster data provisioning, thus providing 75% capacity savings. If broken down further, the HPE 3PAR cost can come down to $1.50 per GB used. This cost varies depending on the server solution chosen by a managed IT services provider.

Under StoreServ, HPE offers several other 3PAR storage solutions. The most affordable of these services is StoreServ 8000 which is a mid-range product. On the other hand, StoreServ 20000 Storage System is the most expensive solution which is an enterprise level product.

Technical Overview
Amongst the two products under StoreServ, the StoreServ 8000 is flash/hybrid storage system which falls under the entry-level solution. It comes with a total of 4 controller nodes and four 24 network host ports.  It runs on 0-8 fibber platforms with raw capacity that can go up to 3,000 TBs.

As compared to StoreServ 8000, StoreServ 20000 is the most advanced one. Since it offers flash and hybrid storage solution, enterprises looking for storage consolidation can go for it. Besides this, it has two times the controller nodes than that in StoreServ 8000 and can support over 160 host ports. It runs on fiber cables that are between 0-160 and has a raw capacity of up to 6,000 TB.

With more and more data centers and enterprises with mixed IT infrastructure looking to establish or add to their SAN network, they yearn for technologies that can easily integrate with their existing systems. With HPE 3PAR, an enterprise can perform the task with great ease.

Since 3PAR is in partnership with VMWare, 3PAR storage solutions can integrate with these solutions efficiently.  Besides this, a number of other features by Windows Server can be operated on it.

3PAR StoreServ is built to offer scalability. The architecture of the storage solution offers products that fall under the category of mid-range to enterprise-level to provide scalable solutions. This feature offers seamless up-gradation from one level to another. These functions can be performed in an automatic tiered array.

It works perfectly with virtual IT infrastructure while allowing the creation of virtual-machine density to maximize the consolidation. With it is pooled with Rapid Raid, it permits the users to scale up the storage to RAID.It also offers Mesh-Active controller for the cloud environment. This helps business take benefit of best modular as well as monolithic IT environments.

The architecture of 3PAR is prominently constructed around virtualization and cloud-based services. The long striping form used in building it further shows us that is an apt choice of virtualized data centers. With the help of 3PAR technology, a business can assign units to cloud volumes.

Three ways on how to plan your finances and save tons of money

A study by the US Census Bureau found that nearly half of every household in major American cities live in a state of financial insecurity and are not able to save money for emergencies or have set aside money for their future.

Americans have also changed their spending habits dramatically over the years. But this may be about to change due to a growing culture of awareness in corporate America because of advancements in financial technology that has served to instill an awareness of sound financial management for everyone.

Ask from any IT solutions & consulting services anywhere be it from any Virginia Beach IT services or such and you may be able to understand why technology has played a crucial role in developing this awareness for financial health nowadays.

Here are three ways how you can take control of your finances and start saving money.

Budget your finances ASAP
Making a budget of your finances allows you keep tabs on your financial resources. List down your resources versus costs and when you plan for activities, make sure that include it in your budget. First, you make a list of your income and expenses so you can get a good picture of your cash flow. You may be able to make adjustments on expenses if you see it is beyond what you are earning regularly.

Resolve yourself to stick to your budget and exercise self-discipline to stick to your budget at all times.

It pays to spend smartly
Smart spending is dispensing your money practically and judiciously.  Always take advantage discount offers for things that you need. These opportunities can help you save money and increase the amount of your disposable income.

When shopping for groceries, make sure that you have a list of all the things you need.  Without it, you can end up buying stuff you don’t need so always stick to the basics and never be tempted to spend more than what you have planned for.

Settle your dues
Live within your means. This can curb your spending, especially if you live a lavish lifestyle. Take control of your finances and spending wisely by setting aside a portion of your earnings to settle your credit dues.

Reach out to your creditor to grant you a realistic payment scheme and live up to your commitments. Exert every effort to settle your dues first because neglecting it can compound your existing obligations and problems.